Trae Young Talks Choosing Oklahoma Over Kansas

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Oklahoma freshman point guard Trae Young said Tuesday at Big-12 Media Day that calling Kansas head coach Bill Self to tell him of his commitment to Oklahoma, “was probably my toughest phone call that I had to make to any coach.”

“He recruited me so long, since my sophomore year,” said Young. “We had such a great relationship, so it was tough.”

Young also spoke about his official visit to Kansas last year (Oct. 21), when he was still in the midst of the recruiting process.

Devonte’ [Graham] and Malik [Newman] were both my hosts,” he said. “I went during the homecoming football game. That was probably one of the football games that a lot of people were at. We went to the football game, did a lot of cool stuff, and spent time with them.”

Bill Self also spoke on Tuesday about Young calling him to inform him of his decision. He had very positive things to say about Young and the way he handled his decision.

“Great kid and love his family too. I think that the thing I respected most about Trae was that he picked up the phone and did it. I knew it was uncomfortable for him to do. So many times, a parent will call for them, text, or maybe not even tell them. How many kids now pick a school and the way you find out is by watching it on TV. That’s a hard thing to do, to tell somebody verbally when you know that school has spent a lot of time recruiting you.”

Self went on to talk about losing out on recruits in general and how he handles missing out on a recruit.

“Like I tell everybody, there’s only one winner in recruiting,” he said. “We’re big boys. We got told no more than we get told yes, just be straight with us. He was straight with us and I really respect that.”

Self also spoke Tuesday about the impact of third-parties in recruiting.


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