Interesting Points About LaMelo Ball’s Exit From High School


Lavar Ball recently made headlines with his decision to take his son and 2019 UCLA commit Lamelo Ball out of Chino Hills (CA), opting instead to homeschool him for his final two years of high school. Not only is this a huge loss for Chino Hills, but it also brings up some interesting points.

Before we delve into the details, it’s worth noting that not everyone was taken by surprise by the news. Local journalists from Chino Hills reported that Ball no longer went to school 3-4 weeks before the news came out and with that, the staff already expected the decision.

But let’s get down to business.


Even if the eldest Ball chooses to have his son study at home for two years before going to UCLA (committed since the age of 13), the Scouts are not convinced that LaMelo has been unemployed for two years and I also think that way.

LaVar may have pulled LaMelo, but that doesbn’rt mean other schools may not approach LaVar about bringing LaMelo in for a senior year at one of the many local high schools in Southern California.


The local correspondent, Fred J. Robledo, raised an interesting question. The exit of LaMelo could cause the CIF-SS (CIF Southern Section) a lot of money in lost ticket and marketing revenue.

The CIF-SS is the body that regulates high school sports in most of southern California and is the largest of the ten branches that make up the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF).

The California state championship is one of the largest and most sought after by the US media. Last season, we had Bol Bol (Mater Dei), Marvin Bagley III (Sierra Canyon), LaMelo Ball (Chino Hills), among others, challenging for the state title. With the departure of Bagley to Duke, the main attraction would be LaMelo Ball. Without Ball, the championship clearly loses a key piece to your marketing.


The decision to stay out of public school for two years until going to UCLA creates speculation on his commitment to the Bruins. It’s worth mentioning that LaMelo is the first high school player to ever have his own tennis shoe in the LaMelo by Big Baller Brand. This only could impact his eligibility status with the NCAA.

“Who cares? If he can’t play, then he can’t play,” LaVar Ball told USA Today when questioned about the possibility of LaMelo losing his college eligibility. “It doesn’t mean he’ll stop working out and getting better … Maybe in two years they’ll change the rule and he’ll be able to go to the NBA straight out of high school.”

Almost a month later, LaVar announced that his son no longer attends Chino Hills.

What do you think? Will LaMelo attend college, wherever that may be? Personally I don’t believe he will simply because it appears the decisions are being made by LaVar Ball.


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