Nike EYBL Session Three: Friday’s Top Performers

EYBL PEACH JAM SESSION THREE Photo Credit | Jon Lopez | Nike

The 2017 Nike EYBL session three tipped on Friday evening at the Lakepoint Sporting Community – Champions Center in Cartersville, Georgia.

Going into the third session, only one team remained undefeated. Mokan Elite was sporting an 8-0 record behind the strong play of Class of 2018 four-star Jontay Porter. That changed Friday evening as Mokan dropped their first game of the season to the Southern Stampede, 54-53.

Porter had 11 points, 14 rebounds and 6 blocks, but struggled from the field, converting only 5 of 13 attempts including 1 of 4 from three and 0-2 from the charity stripe.

Porter has been a household name since his father Michael Porter Sr was hired at Missouri. The younger brother to Michael Porter Jr, Jontay is considering reclassing up from 2018 to the 2017 class and joining his brother at Missouri. It’s a move most experts believe will eventually happen.

Until then, Porter has come of age on the EYBL circuit, averaging a double-double 18.9 points and 12.9 rebounds to go with 3.1 blocks, 2.9 assists and 1.1 steals in 28.8 minutes per coming into Fridays action.

The statistical news of the night came from 2019 five-star wing, R.J. Barrett as he recorded the first triple-double of the weekend with a 29 point, 14 rebound, 10 assist outing in a 77-85 loss to Portland BC. Barrett shot 13-28 from the field.

Overall Barrett was responsible for no less than 49 of UPlay Canada’s 77 points, or 64% of the teams total offensive output.

Saturday’s Session will tip at 9:30 am ET with six games on hand. You can find the complete Saturday schedule here.


Nike South Beach (FL) – 81
Team CP3 (NC) – 93

MEBO Team Hood (MS) – 52
Team Takeover (DC) – 63

Mokan Elite (KS) – 53
Southern Stampede (GA) – 54

Boo Williams (VA) – 69
E1T1 United (FL) – 77

Spiece Indy Heat (IN) – 71
New York Lightning (NY) – 79

Team United (NC) – 57
Bradley Beal Elite (MO) – 77

Expressions Elite (MA) – 86
Georgia Stars (GA) – 76

The City Rocks (NY) – 73
Renaissance (NY) – 68

Howard Pulley (WI) – 73
Playaz Club (NJ) – 65

Team Penny (TN) – 67
BABC (MA) – 61

The Family Detroit (MI) – 90
Mac Irvin Fire (IL) – 83

RM5 Elite (TX) – 65
PSA Cardinals (NYC) – 63

CIA Bounce (CAN) – 96
Nike Team Florida (FL) – 93

Houston Hoops (TX) – 76
Team Final (PA) – 80

Oakland Soldiers (CA) – 63
Meanstreets (IL) – 76

Seattle Rotary (WA) – 71
Team Melo (MD) – 75

Nike Phamily (CA) – 53
Pro Skills (TX) – 75

Portland BC (OR) – 85
UPLAY Canada (CAN) – 77

All Ohio Red (OH) – 74
PLayground Elite (WI) – 64

Cal Supreme Elite (CA) – 72
Las Vegas Prospects (NV) – 63



  1. Simi Shittu | 34 points | 11 rebounds | 3 assists
  2. Darius Bazley | 27 points | 14 rebounds | 3 steals | 1 assist | 1 block
  3. Keldon Johnson | 21 points | 18 rebounds | 3 assists
  4. Jalen Smith | 19 points | 13 rebounds | 1 assist | 1 steal
  5. Taeshon Cherry | 19 points | 16 rebounds | 1 assist
  6. Francis Okoro | 18 points | 10 rebounds | 2 steals | 2 blocks
  7. Dana Tate | 17 points | 10 rebounds | 1 assist | 1 steal
  8. David DeJulius | 14 points | 10 assists | 2 rebounds
  9. Marvin Bagley III | 13 points | 10 rebounds | 3 assists | 1 steal | 1 block
  10. Daniel Oturu | 12 points | 10 rebounds | 3 assists | 1 steal | 1 block
  11. Kofi Cockburn | 12 points | 10 rebounds
  12. Jontay Porter | 11 points | 14 rebounds | 6 blocks | 2 assists
  13. Valdir Manuel | 11 points | 10 rebounds
  14. Tyger Campbell | 10 points | 1 assists | 2 rebounds | 2 steals


  1. Simi Shittu | 34 points (14-22/6-9 FT/0-1 3PT)
  2. Talen Horton-Tucker | 33 points (13-22/3-5 FT/4-9 3PT)
  3. Rashad Williams | 30 points (9-14/5-5 FT/7-9 3PT)
  4. Justin Webber | 30 points (12-21/3-3 FT/3-8 3PT)
  5. R.J. Barrett | 29 points (13-28/3-3 FT/0-2 3PT)
  6. Coby White | 28 points (11-18/3-6 FT/10-1 3PT)
  7. Ignas Brazdeikis | 28 points (10-19/8-11 FT/0-1 3PT)
  8. Louis King | 27 points (11-21/3-4 FT/2-6 3PT)
  9. Darius Bazley | 27 points (10-20/6-10 FT/1-5 3PT)
  10. Tyler Herro | 27 points (10-24/3-3 FT/4-10 3PT)


  1. Keldon Johnson | 18 rebounds
  2. Taeshon Cherry | 16 rebounds
  3. R.J. Barrett | 14 rebounds
  4. Darius Bazley | 14 rebounds
  5. Jontay Porter | 14 rebounds
  6. Jalen Smith | 13 rebounds
  7. Simi Shittu | 11 rebounds
  8. Moulaye Sissoko | 11 rebounds


  1. Anthony Nelson | New York Lightning | 11 assists
  2. Tyger Campbell | Spiece Indy Heat | 11 assists
  3. R.J. Barrett | UPlay Canada | 10 assists
  4. David DeJulius | The Family Detroit | 10 assists
  5. Cole Anthony | PSA Cardinals | 9 assists
  6. Tre Jones | Howard Pulley | 9 assists
  7. Joel Brown | CIA Bounce | 8 assists
  8. Ayo Dosunmu | Mac Irvin Fire | 7 assists
  9. Zion Harmon | Boo Williams | 7 assists


  1. Jontay Porter | Mokan Elite | 6 blocks
  2. Josh Roberts | Southern Stampede | 6 blocks
  3. Chandler Lawson | Team Penny | 3 blocks
  4. Nahziah Carter | City Rocks | 3 blocks
  5. Thomas Kithier | all Ohio Red | 3 blocks
  6. Jalen Smith | Team Takeover | 3 blocks
  7. Daniel Oturu | Howard Pulley | 3 blocks
  8. Connor Vanover | Pro Skills | 3 blocks
  9. Dimon Carrigan | BABC | 3 blocks


  1. Cole Anthony | PSA Cardinals | 6 steals
  2. Posh Alexander | New York Lightning | 6 steals
  3. Robert Woodard II | MEBO Team Hood | 5 steals
  4. Tre’ Wood | Team Takeover | 4 steals
  5. Alex Lomax | Team Penny | 4 steals

(Stats are sortable by column and searchable)

All Ohio Red3Braden Norris2-30-01-124005
All Ohio Red10DeShon Parker1-30-00-112002
All Ohio Red1Foster Loyer8-173-34-11541023
All Ohio Red25Jake McLaughlin0-20-00-124000
All Ohio Red12Jordan Mitchell4-52-20-0630010
All Ohio Red33Ross Ryan1-10-20-000002
All Ohio Red22Thomas Kithier8-111-40-1922317
All Ohio Red11Treauhn Williams0-10-00-000000
All Ohio Red5Vincent Williams6-93-40-1510015
BABC2__ Goodine3-32-21-130209
BABC45Alex Christie00010000
BABC42Caden Dumas1-30-01-230123
BABC13Cole Swider6-152-32-9202016
BABC41Dimon Carrigan5-81-40-0403311
BABC5Jakigh Dottin3-100-20-132206
BABC44Martin Mann2-20-20-000004
BABC3Maurice Works3-110-01-510107
BABC1Shandon Brown1-60-00-132102
Boo Williams54Anderson Mirambeaux3-50-00-130016
Boo Williams20Aundre Hyatt8-190-07-17420023
Boo Williams11Jason Wade0-10-00-021000
Boo Williams10Keldon Johnson7-187-100-01830021
Boo Williams22Keyontae Johnson3-90-01-360007
Boo Williams32Qudus Wahab1-24-60-050016
Boo Williams33Sasha Sukhanov1-10-00-000002
Boo Williams3Zion Harmon0-84-60-627004
Bradley Beal Elite10Darius Garland6-181-20-8423013
Bradley Beal Elite12EJ Liddell2-42-20-120104
Bradley Beal Elite23Francis Okoro6-86-90-01002218
Bradley Beal Elite5Fred Thatch Jr.4-80-01-300109
Bradley Beal Elite12Jadis White2-30-00-010004
Bradley Beal Elite32James Wiseman0-00-00-000000
Bradley Beal Elite21Jericole Hellems3-70-00-1103116
Bradley Beal Elite1Joe Reece0-00-00-000000
Bradley Beal Elite11Kale Catchings4-93-50-2511011
Bradley Beal Elite22Karrington Davis2-72-20-221006
Bradley Beal Elite3Shaun Williams1-42-40-151114
Cal Supreme Elite3Devonaire Doutrive6-102-21-4362015
Cal Supreme Elite5Gianni Hunt1-40-01-131103
Cal Supreme Elite20Michael Wang1-70-00-322002
Cal Supreme Elite22Nathan Mensah1-10-00-050022
Cal Supreme Elite11Shareef O'Neal5-161-20-6701211
Cal Supreme Elite13Spencer Freedman8-132-28-11263026
Cal Supreme Elite4Tevian Jones5-63-50-1932013
CIA Bounce14Adong Makuoi1-21-20-010103
CIA Bounce6Deon Ejim3-50-00-042006
CIA Bounce13Ignas Brazdeikis10-198-110-1820028
CIA Bounce0Joel Brown1-23-30-038205
CIA Bounce4John Akende0-20-00-221200
CIA Bounce10Keshaun Saunders0-30-01-201003
CIA Bounce2Laoui Msembya00001000
CIA Bounce8Quincy Guerrier3-50-02-332008
CIA Bounce5Sam Rautins3-40-03-400009
CIA Bounce11Simi Shittu14-226-90-11130034
City Rocks35Buddy Boeheim2-50-02-510306
City Rocks5Davis Franks0-03-40-041103
City Rocks2Dominick Welch2-50-00-031004
City Rocks33Isaiah Stewart6-81-50-0401213
City Rocks22Jalen Pickett1-31-20-176013
City Rocks14Jeenathan Williams5-124-61-2500015
City Rocks21Joe Jones1-20-00-000002
City Rocks11Joseph Girard III2-54-41-322109
City Rocks30Nahziah Carter6-95-51-1342318
E1T1 United2Antwann Jones3-92-32-6550010
E1T1 United22Bryce Workman5-70-10-1400010
E1T1 United5Emmitt Williams5-122-60-2702112
E1T1 United10Nick Honor11-82-25-7451023
E1T1 United4Samir Stewart0-22-20-200002
E1T1 United22Silvio De Sousa3-83-40-030029
E1T1 United0Will Richardson3-92-21-353009
Expressions Elite10Connor Peterson2-31-30-131105
Expressions Elite22Dana Tate8-160-01-21011017
Expressions Elite4Jahbril Price-Noel1-24-40-165006
Expressions Elite1Joe Kasperzyk4-60-00-111008
Expressions Elite0Jonathan Cenescar0-10-00-020000
Expressions Elite2Marcus Zegarowski9-130-03-5752021
Expressions Elite15Max Zegarowski5-90-02-5100012
Expressions Elite3Noah Fernandes5-80-00-1332010
Expressions Elite11Philmon Gebrewhit0-57-80-202107
Georgia Stars23Caleb Holifield1-30-01-301003
Georgia Stars3Isaih Moore0-22-20-220002
Georgia Stars4Jairus Hamilton2-73-30-241007
Georgia Stars21Jamari Smith4-71-10-121119
Georgia Stars10Justin Lee1-30-00-210002
Georgia Stars22Kalu Ezipke6-70-00-0720112
Georgia Stars33Mohammed Abdulsalam1-40-20-061002
Georgia Stars1Myreon Jones6-144-42-8360018
Georgia Stars24Nate Dunlop0-00-00-010000
Georgia Stars5Rashun Williams6-100-01-2611013
Georgia Stars11Spencer Rodgers3-71-11-400128
Houston Hoops5Antoine Davis2-50-00-300004
Houston Hoops4Greg Williams Jr.1-22-20-001004
Houston Hoops23Jacobi Gordon0-72-40-220002
Houston Hoops0Jamal Bieniemy5-90-00-1232010
Houston Hoops1Javonte Smart8-126-71-3421023
Houston Hoops35Matthew Mayer5-90-00-2530210
Houston Hoops22Mitchell Seraille3-63-40-160109
Houston Hoops12Tyreek Smith7-70-00-0700114
Howard Pulley24Courtney Brown Jr.0-20-10-000000
Howard Pulley32Daniel Oturu6-100-00-11002312
Howard Pulley23David Roddy4-71-31-2612110
Howard Pulley22Gabe Kalscheur6-165-72-9000219
Howard Pulley12Goodnews Kpegeol0-30-00-210000
Howard Pulley10Jarvis Thomas4-60-00-064128
Howard Pulley1Ryan Larson4-40-01-122009
Howard Pulley31Sy Chatman0-00-00-000000
Howard Pulley3Tre Jones5-85-60-0493015
Howard Pulley42Zeke Nnaji0-20-00-032000
Las Vegas Prospects50Culen Highbe1-00-00-210000
Las Vegas Prospects11Hunter Woods3-105-50-3211011
Las Vegas Prospects40Jacob Eyman3-41-20-080007
Las Vegas Prospects30Jalen Townsell0-30-00-110000
Las Vegas Prospects4Jarrod Burks4-80-01-210109
Las Vegas Prospects3Jaylen Fox4-60-02-4231010
Las Vegas Prospects2Marvin Coleman II4-115-50-1930013
Las Vegas Prospects1Mo Wood1-50-00-412002
Las Vegas Prospects23Rashad Smith3-40-10-021206
Las Vegas Prospects2Zach Chappell0-02-20-010102
Mac Irvin Fire11Ayo Dosunmu5-123-41-4472014
Mac Irvin Fire2Bakari Simmons1-30-01-310003
Mac Irvin Fire23Cam Irvin0-72-20-522002
Mac Irvin Fire10Cameron Burrell3-51-20-040000
Mac Irvin Fire34EJ Williams1-30-00-061002
Mac Irvin Fire5Talen Horton-Tucker13-223-54-9922033
Mac Irvin Fire4Tamell Pearson00000000
Mac Irvin Fire3Toraze Dobbs5-60-01-1400011
Mac Irvin Fire33Xavier Pinson5-60-01-1220011
Meanstreets22Damezi Anderson Jr.5-94-61-4910015
Meanstreets55Darius Bazley10-206-101-51413127
Meanstreets31DeAndre Gholston0-01-20-000001
Meanstreets1Javon Freeman-Liberty2-45-60-030009
Meanstreets5Justin Boyd2-51-30-021105
Meanstreets21Orlando Allen1-33-40-041105
Meanstreets24Tim Finke4-121-21-4830010
Meanstreets10Xavier Castañeda1-22-40-005004
MEBO Team Hood30Andrew Junkin1-20-30-030002
MEBO Team Hood2Blake Rogers0-40-00-210000
MEBO Team Hood10Casey Smith Jr0-20-00-000100
MEBO Team Hood1Gabe Watson3-156-61-8042013
MEBO Team Hood11Jared Butler8-191-14-10611021
MEBO Team Hood24Moulaye Sissoko2-60-00-0111114
MEBO Team Hood12Robert Woodard II1-62-40-291524
MEBO Team Hood25SharDarrion Allen0-42-60-130112
MEBO Team Hood32Tolu Smith III3-30-00-020006
Mokan Elite4Cooper Kaifes3-50-03-563009
Mokan Elite5Israel Barnes1-52-40-332004
Mokan Elite33Jontay Porter5-130-21-41420611
Mokan Elite7Malik Hall4-114-52-4610014
Mokan Elite0Ochai Agbaji1-50-00-220012
Mokan Elite10Parker Braun3-60-20-020006
Mokan Elite15Roman Wilson1-40-00-040012
Mokan Elite3Tylor Perry2-40-11-235015
New York Lightning22Aidan Igiehon8-143-40-0910019
New York Lightning3Anthony Nelson3-71-20-0311107
New York Lightning40Fredelin De La Cruz1-30-00-120002
New York Lightning1Jalen Hawkins1-70-00-142002
New York Lightning15Jared Rhoden5-71-11-3210112
New York Lightning23Joel Mensah4-62-20-0400110
New York Lightning11Jordan Dingle2-60-00-332004
New York Lightning10Junub Chuol7-110-01-2121015
New York Lightning5Posh Alexander3-41-41-155608
New York Lightning12Zach Light00000000
Nike Phamily10__ Bryce3-82-30-330018
Nike Phamily33__ Spencer1-30-00-010002
Nike Phamily2BJ Askew2-80-02-521106
Nike Phamily4EJ Jackson1-102-21-512105
Nike Phamily5Elijah Scranton1-20-00-110002
Nike Phamily24KJ Hymes1-60-10-020002
Nike Phamily23Marcus Bagley2-102-21-761107
Nike Phamily35Marvin Bagley III4-125-100-21031113
Nike Phamily0Ofure Ujadughele3-42-20-050108
Nike South Beach11Collin Castleton2-31-10-010005
Nike South Beach4Darius Days5-90-01-4610011
Nike South Beach1DJ Murray4-60-03-3210011
Nike South Beach23Dre Fuller Jr.3-60-00-221006
Nike South Beach21Khavon Moore5-130-00-3232110
Nike South Beach2KJ Simon2-32-31-111005
Nike South Beach0Michael Devoe5-104-53-6621017
Nike South Beach10Serrel Smith5-170-03-9331013
Nike South Beach3T Strickland1-11-10-000003
Nike Team Florida5Balsa Koprivica2-30-00-021104
Nike Team Florida12Jeffrey Hernandez1-10-00-011002
Nike Team Florida0KJ Buffen1-35-60-032007
Nike Team Florida3Kyle Sturdivant2-74-40-212308
Nike Team Florida4Neftali Alvarez2-34-40-022008
Nike Team Florida2Trendon Watford11-131-33-4710126
Nike Team Florida23Trey Doomes9-154-50-1363022
Nike Team Florida22Vernon Carey Jr.6-93-61-3500016
Oakland Soldiers23Amadou Sow8-140-30-1601116
Oakland Soldiers24Jack Schwietz2-52-20-132206
Oakland Soldiers0James Akinjo3-110-21-426107
Oakland Soldiers20Junior Touré1-30-00-030002
Oakland Soldiers1Kihei Clark2-40-00-101004
Oakland Soldiers5Kyree Walker2-61-20-113005
Oakland Soldiers22Raymond Hawkins2-20-00-011114
Oakland Soldiers35Taeshon Cherry8-151-12-61610019
Playaz Club4__ Janes5-102-22-5432014
Playaz Club11__ Tyrell2-20-00-030004
Playaz Club3Al-Amir Dawes4-110-00-351108
Playaz Club30Alex Imegwu0-10-00-100000
Playaz Club5Jalen Carey2-141-21-434006
Playaz Club22Marcellus Earlington4-95-62-4310215
Playaz Club1Tavon Jones2-21-22-231007
Playaz Club24Valdir Manuel4-83-40-11000011
Playground Elite32Adam Trapp00000000
Playground Elite5Carlos Curtis5-113-41-2530014
Playground Elite1Greg Foster Jr.1-40-00-320002
Playground Elite23Jack Plumb1-30-00-040012
Playground Elite25Jack Quinlevan2-20-00-020004
Playground Elite15Keshawn Justice2-100-02-720006
Playground Elite4Robert McGee1-40-01-341103
Playground Elite2Tyler Herro10-243-34-10351027
Playground Elite20Will McDonald3-40-00-0101016
Portland BC5Christian Allen0-10-00-100000
Portland BC1Elijah Gonzales5-123-41-2553014
Portland BC33Kamaka Hepa5-97-92-5840019
Portland BC3Marcus Tsohonis3-61-41-143108
Portland BC24Matthew Lang3-60-02-512008
Portland BC14Teagan Quitoriano7-93-32-2300019
Portland BC32Zach Chappell1-51-20-122203
Portland BC30Zeke Quinlan6-90-03-5401015
Peo SkillsBrenton M1-60-00-400002
Peo Skills4Bryce Cook2-57-70-2050011
Peo Skills24Connor Vanover3-50-01-260037
Peo Skills8Drew Timme1-24-40-041006
Peo Skills35Franklin Agunanne0-11-20-051121
Peo Skills4Justin Webster12-213-33-8200030
Peo Skills23Remy Minor3-40-01-232107
Peo Skills13Shakur Daniel0-03-60-033103
Peo Skills1Zach Wrights3-50-00-150006
PSA Cardinals4Aaron Clarke2-52-20-211106
PSA Cardinals2Arashma Parks0-00-20-020000
PSA Cardinals12Chase Audige3-71-21-241108
PSA Cardinals1Cole Anthony3-117-100-2696013
PSA Cardinals10Isaiah Mucius3-81-20-040017
PSA Cardinals25Jake Forrester3-70-10-031006
PSA Cardinals3Joe Toussaint0-22-30-032002
PSA Cardinals21Jose Perez6-104-61-2301017
PSA Cardinals11Mamadou Doucoure2-30-00-020014
PSA Cardinals22Nikkei Rutty00020000
Renaissance10Alan Griffin0-30-00-311110
Renaissance23Cormac Ryan7-175-64-12643223
Renaissance2Khalid Moore2-40-01-122105
Renaissance21Kofi Cockburn5-62-20-01000012
RenaissanceLuther Muhammad1-93-41-522006
Renaissance4Malik Martin0-30-00-140000
Renaissance32Robert Carmody IV2-41-21-341006
Renaissance24Sloan Seymour4-100-04-9310112
Renaissance3Tyler Bourne2-70-00-322104
RM5 Elite32Avery Anderson III1-42-20-132004
RM5 Elite5Chris Harris1-81-21-511004
RM5 Elite25Evan Marshall5-70-05-7100015
RM5 Elite3Gerald Liddell8-136-81-4721023
RM5 Elite10Ibrahim Ali1-10-00-050002
RM5 Elite44Marlon Cunningham0-01-20-000001
RM5 Elite35Reggie Chaney3-70-00-090006
RM5 Elite0Tyrese Maxey2-53-61-202008
Seattle Rotary5Freddie Roberson2-70-00-222104
Seattle Rotary23Immitt Matthews4-62-21-2410011
Seattle Rotary24Marcus Austin1-10-00-010002
Seattle Rotary12Marquan Williams6-80-00-0542012
Seattle Rotary22Maurice Barnett1-30-01-331013
Seattle Rotary44Nic Lynch3-75-100-0710111
Seattle Rotary15Noah Williams0-04-40-012204
Seattle Rotary32Philip Pepple II4-62-40-0402110
Seattle Rotary3PJ Fuller4-74-42-3132014
Southern Stampede12Clarence Jackson1-50-00-141102
Southern Stampede23Dave Viti4-90-03-5321011
Southern Stampede1Dru Drinnon4-153-31-3521012
Southern Stampede33George Maslennikov0-10-00-100000
Southern Stampede21Horace Wyatt Jr.00000000
Southern Stampede0Jalen Lecque4-112-60-1211010
Southern Stampede42Josh Roberts3-50-00-140266
Southern Stampede32Kamani Johnson2-40-20-032004
Southern Stampede11Kavonte Ivery0-20-00-131000
Southern Stampede5Kenton Eskridge2-40-02-301106
Southern Stampede4Tony Johnson1-41-20-042003
Spiece Indy Heat23Brandon Johns4-80-00-161028
Spiece Indy Heat3Gavin Bizeau1-40-00-331002
Spiece Indy Heat15Jacob Polakovich8-90-02-3800118
Spiece Indy Heat11Jarron Coleman4-100-02-4321010
Spiece Indy Heat5Keion Brooks Jr7-143-40-1820017
Spiece Indy Heat4Marcus Bingham Jr.1-30-00-121012
Spiece Indy Heat10Tyger Campbell4-131-31-22112010
Spiece Indy Heat1Zion Young2-30-00-000004
Team CP30Coby White11-183-61-1230028
Team CP31Leaky Black3-71-21-354108
Team CP32Will Dillard2-30-01-233005
Team CP35John Newman4-73-50-3501011
Team CP311Tre Turner2-44-61-112009
Team CP312Hunter Tyson2-82-81-380129
Team CP314Jaylen Hoard8-137-100-3431023
Team Final22Cameron Reddish3-1012-141-8311019
Team Final3Cliff Joseph1-10-00-000002
Team Final10Justin Anderson4-90-01-230009
Team Final2Louis King11-213-42-6711027
Team Final35Marcus Littles2-40-20-060004
Team Final4Matthue Cotton2-62-21-351107
Team Final5Maurice Murray2-31-22-310007
Team Final11Sam Sessoms2-61-20-166005
Team Final32Sean Good00010110
Team Melo2Anthony Higgs2-50-01-110205
Team Melo3Brendan Adams1-30-00-141002
Team Melo1Demetrius Mims Jr.1-31-20-160023
Team Melo14Ike Nweke3-52-20-040108
Team Melo6LaQuil Hardnett2-56-60-2501110
Team Melo11Montrell Horsey0-01-20-000001
Team Melo5Nate Roberts00000000
Team Melo10Noah Locke5-115-52-6223117
Team Melo4Tyree Myers2-41-21-123206
Team Melo8Wynston Tabbs7-148-90-4111022
Team Penny22__ White00001000
Team Penny2Alex Lomax5-66-60-1614016
Team Penny21Chandler Lawson2-62-30-1104036
Team Penny5DJ Jeffries5-112-30-2700012
Team Penny1Jayden Hardaway1-80-10-321002
Team Penny3Jordan Johnson1-60-11-431203
Team Penny25Malcolm Dandridge4-52-20-0600110
Team Penny10Martrell Brooks1-11-20-010003
Team Penny12Ryan Boyce4-90-00-010018
Team Penny4Trey Jemison2-22-40-050016
Team Takeover3Anthony Harris1-40-01-224303
Team Takeover5Brandon Slater4-131-22-4821011
Team Takeover32Bryce Golden3-72-30-060108
Team Takeover22Hunter Dickinson1-50-20-150012
Team Takeover23Jalen Smith6-117-80-01311319
Team TakeoverMiles Latimore2-40-01-230005
Team Takeover11Myles Dread2-60-00-240114
Team Takeover1Tre' Wood1-43-60-135405
Team Takeover4Xavier Johnson3-30-00-013206
Team United30DeAndre Wilkins0-20-20-011000
Team UnitedDontarius James5-92-52-4200014
Team United12Flo Thamba4-100-10-041008
Team United23KC Hankton1-20-01-250113
Team United3Mikey Maddox2-50-20-121014
Team United11Patrick Williams1-30-10-021102
Team United15Qon Murphy4-83-52-3441013
Team United5Trey McGowens3-107-80-3520013
The Family Detroit21Bryce Washington1-50-00-341002
The Family Detroit5David DeJulius4-95-61-32100014
The Family Detroit4Duane Washington1-42-20-111004
The Family Detroit10Gabe Brown2-43-40-170007
The Family Detroit15Gary Solomon1-41-21-203004
The Family Detroit12Jordan Ray1-20-01-200003
The Family Detroit1Rashad Williams9-145-57-9311030
The Family Detroit2Seth Millner6-99-131-2500022
The Family Detroit33Trevion Williams1-31-40-040003
The Family Detroit31Zavon Godwin0-21-10-011001
UPlay Canada15__ Bediko2-20-00-020004
UPlay Canada10__ Lawson3-40-01-102307
UPlay Canada8__ Miller5-104-40-1522014
UPlay Canada11__ Quest00010000
UPlay Canada1Isaiah Bujdoso2-40-00-022104
UPlay Canada25Kaosi Ezeagu00000000
UPlay Canada9Kevaughn Ellis1-40-01-200103
UPlay Canada4Khaleem Bennett2-30-00-110004
UPlay Canada6RJ Barrett13-283-30-214101129
UPlay Canada5Tyrese Samuel4-73-51-2500012


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