Q&A: Houston Defenders F Morris Udeze

Morris Udeze Q&A

With former players like Aaron and Andrew Harrison, Jonathan Motley, and recent NBA draftee Wesley Iwundu, the Houston Defenders of the Under Armour Association have a very successful history. That history continues this summer with the trio of Morris Udeze, P.J. Byrd, and Miller Kopp.

Udeze, a 6-8, 215-pound Center (BK) from Richmond, TX recently told D1Vision that he plans to visit the University of Houston. He took an unofficial to Texas A&M on June 21st.

Udeze current offer sheet consist of Iowa St, Albany, TCU, Houston, Texas A&M and Wichita State, among others. He took an unofficial to Wichita State back on June 12.

D1Vision: Why did you choose the Houston Defenders?

Morris Udeze: “I chose to play for them because of their history. I also trust the coaching staff and believe that they can take me to the next level.”

D1Vision: How has Coach Harrison impacted you on and off the court?

Morris Udeze: On the court, he’s taught me how to be extremely aggressive and how to always be the bully on the court. Off the court, he’s taught me that respect is earned and that it’s not about the glamor.

D1Vision: How have you improved your game with the Defenders?

Morris Udeze: With the Defenders, I have become more physical, aggressive, and increased my confidence.

D1Vision: Compare yourself to any current NBA player.

Morris Udeze: On the defensive end, Draymond Green. Offensively, Myles Turner.

D1Vision: What do your teammates mean to you?

Morris Udeze: Teammates mean everything to me. They’re all you got when you’re on the court.

D1Vision: Who are some of your favorite teammates?

Morris Udeze: David Inwowari, P.J. Byrd, Miller Kopp, Jabari Rice, Jaylon Williams, and Kobe Dill

D1Vision: How’s the teammate chemistry between you guys? 

Morris Udeze: We have great chemistry on and off the court.

D1Vision: How has the recruiting process been?

Morris Udeze: Pretty good, taking it one day at a time.

D1Vision: Any schools making you a priority?

Morris Udeze: Wichita State, Illinois, Houston, NOLA, and Iowa State.

D1Vision: What is Morris Udeze’s dream/life goal?

Morris Udeze: To get to the league and take care of my family and everybody who made Morris Udeze who Morris Udeze is.


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